Condominiums For Sale

There are plenty of condominiums for sale in Louisville and the surrounding suburbs, but few of them are targeted to luxury buyers.

Luxury Condos

Luxury condos must meet a much higher bar than many other options available to Louisville buyer, and that’s a commitment to class and luxury that we have taken very seriously since we opened our doors to our very first residents.

Condo Development

Our condo development is among the most refined in the region, offering large condo units that are situated in a wooded setting just east of the city.

A Prime Location for Luxury Living in Louisville

Mockingbird Terrace LLC derives its name from the Mockingbird Valley neighborhood that lies just to the east of Louisville, Kentucky. We think that this location is one of our most alluring features, largely because it allows our condos to combine a country setting with close proximity to a large center of business and commerce. Our condos are close to the Louisville Country Club and several other high-end amenities, making them a natural choice for those in the Louisville area who like to combine their urban lifestyle with a more remote retreat that allows for greater peace of mind.

Only the Best Materials in Each of Our Units

The condo development at Mockingbird Terrace are some of the most well-appointed in all of Kentucky, let alone the greater Louisville metropolitan area. Our designers and builders focused on using the most refined set of materials available, and we’ve made sure that each of our residents can feel the difference. Beginning with the outside of the building, natural stone and other materials blend well with the surrounding natural environment. Inside, marble and wood make an impression on everyone who takes a tour of our development. With living this refined, it’s hard not to be seriously impressed with the quality and design of our development.

Balconies, Beautiful Views, and a Way to Relax and Unwind

Most importantly, the home should be a place where everyone can gather, relax, unwind, and enjoy the surroundings. That’s why each of our units features a great balcony area that is the perfect place for small gatherings and taking in the scenery. Our location allows our residents to enjoy great views of the surrounding countryside the Ohio River, and even the skyline off in the distance. When combined with the quiet surroundings of Mockingbird Terrace LLC, there’s simply nothing else quite as relaxing and enjoyable.